If you have not seen a reputable provider before I require employment screening.



For that I would need :


All of your basic information (name, email, phone etc)


Company Name - 


Front Desk/Main Number-


Your Position-


If there is a company website that you are featured on or if you have a designated work email that you can email me from (to a


different non-conspicuous email) that will suffice in lieu phone contact. 


If you are a business owner, a copy of your business license showing the company name, your name as well as its current licensure.


Expired licenses are not accepted. 


I understand that you may feel like this is a lot of information however I am doing this for my safety. I do not care who you are, I only care who you are not. I only have to do this once and I can assure you 100% discretion and once I am satisfied with the information received I delete everything.

I offer a true GFE experience. I let my reviews speak for themselves. I am passionate in all that I do and can assure you that I will surpass any and all expectations you have. 


I do offer a PSE date for established friends whom I am comfortable with. An additional fee does apply. 

Yes!! Fetishes are my all time favorite! I love trying new things! I think it is very important to be in a safe and relaxing atmosphere when exploring new limits of sensuality. I aim to provide that, for us, together. 

There isnt anything I wont try once, twice if I didnt like it the first time. 

YES!!! If I am not scheduled to be in your city, you are more than welcome to sponsor a tour - Send me an email for specifics. [email protected]

Absolutely!!! I have several girlfriends that interact with well! Visit www.BradfordCollective.com

It does take some planning as we have to match our schedules. 

Please note that all of these ladies are independent entertainers and have their own schedules and date requirements. If you wish to visit one of them independently, I can personally vouch for each lady!